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Location: Hogland Park

Times: 11:00 to 01:00

What is Live Green?

Live Green is a music festival, as well as a production company and a network of young enthusiasts, organizers and changemakers who works for a green future – through music, art, fashion shows and experiences!

Our green music festival – Live Green Festival – takes place the first weekend of August in Hoglands Park, Karlskrona, along with the Karlskrona Archipelago Festival (Skärgårdsfesten). The festival was founded in 2011 to raise environmental awareness and social sustainability, creating impact in the community, striving to become a good example of a festival taking ecological responsibility in an industry heavily associated with littering and overconsumption.

Live Green Festival is an almost 100% youth-driven music festival that engages, raises and employs about a hundred young entrepreneurs, artists, changemakers, producers and organizers.

In addition to the festival, Live Green works year round to create and manage projects that improve the environment, society and young people (as Recycling Fashion Show and Kreativa Kuben), consulting and educating music and festival industry in ecological and social sustainability as well as lecturing for both high school students who are in power and business.

Recycling Fashion Show

Live Green’s pioneering fashion show turns the fashion industry upside down! We educate models in all sizes, styles and shapes for two days, showcasing garments where young designers have taken advantage of old, used materials such as newspapers, garbage bags, milk cartons and beer cans – trash, in other words – and created new fantastic creations.

Recycling Fashion Show is one of the Live Green’s tools to bring the idea of people it is time to stop overconsume and overwhelm the earth, and instead seize and create new out of what we already have. The show has its annual premiered at the Live Green Festival.

Sustainability and safety at the Live Green

Producing a music festival is like building a small town for a few days, and all that we associate with environmental degradation are the focus: transportation, power usage, surface damages by heavy machinery, disposables and other debris into the environment or unsorted in barrels, posters and guides printed in plenty – and so on.

But just like any other industry we too must take responsibility for equality, environment, diversity, what attitudes we are creating, what messages we send and what kind of role models we emphasize in our work.

As the name might reveal, Live Green was born to refute and challenge the notion that music festivals have a negative impact on the environment. In five years’ time, we have developed methods of ecological and social sustainability makes us unique in Sweden, and is now starting to spread through the national music network.